About Us

    Welcome to our Home

    Eric, Jenya, and Philip

    Hi, this is our family: Eric, Jenya, and Philip.

    We are blessed.  We have three greatest joys:

    • Our family
    • Traveling the world
    • And now, sharing family and travel with you through our second home in Vermont

    Both of us have lived in New England for the majority of our lives and we have always loved Vermont.   Jenya went to college in Vermont and we've always felt a draw to its gorgeous landscape and simple, relaxed pace of life.  

    When we came across this house, its stunning views of Bromley mountain, and spent time in the charming ski village at Stratton, we knew this was the place for us to be able to enjoy the best Vermont has to offer.  From skiing in the Golden Triangle to hiking the Appalachian Trail.  From shopping and eating in Manchester to the music festivals at Stratton.   Or plenty of time just relaxing, reading a book, watching a movie, or just looking out the windows.

    And in our latest adventure, we decided to share our house with others. We love to travel and when we travel one of our favorite things is to stay in Airbnbs -- to be able to experience life the way locals do and to have the comfort of a home. So,  we thought what better thing could we do than share that with others as well.

    We hope you enjoy our home as much as we do. 

    Eric, Jenya and Philip

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